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It is easy to forget about importance of the maintenance of your furnace.

In most homes the furnace is usually tuck away in a closet crawspace or mechanical room. Many home owners don’t notice the furnace until it stops working in the dead of winter. Your furnace is like any other mechanical device such as your car or lawn more. It is important to have your furnace serviced and cleaned annually to prevent it from breaking down when you need it the most. There is a big difference in the functionality of modern furnaces from ones installed 10 or 20 years ago.


There are as many older model furnaces as new ones heating homes throughout the greater Vancouver area. Depending on the model and age of your furnace will depend on the process of service needed to have your furnace functioning safely and efficiently. Older furnaces typically have belt driven motors which require oiling periodically. A safety inspection and servicing It is important for you to know some basic steps to take to insure the safety and functionality of your heating equipment. DuctDudes provides the highest level of service on your heating equipment by providing a full safety service inspection as well as a complete cleaning of your furnace.


Our servicing includes a gas leak check, CO check, gas pressure check, sequence of operation check ( running your furnace and looking for any inconsistency in the startup and operation, A complete pressurized air cleaning of all components and the heat exchanger. DuctDudes really emphasis on being transparent and informative to our customers.


By going through our processes of servicing your furnace and informing the customer of basic things that you can do to insure the safety and efficient operation of your heating equipment. DuctDudes recommends an annually servicing of your furnace and heating system. Two key things that you can do to maintain the system is changing your filter every 4 months and the second is to insure that you have functioning co detectors in your home in the event the furnace is not functioning in a safe manner. Contact DuctDudes anytime with any of your questions or concerns about the heating equipment in your home.



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