Dryer Vent Cleaning

DuctDudes specializes in duct cleaning, including dryer vents. Our dryer vent cleaning is completed utilizing high-pressure air. Our agitation devices loosen and blast out all debris, lint, and hair that in time builds up in your dryer’s vent, damaging your dryer or, even worse, causing a fire.

Our work is checked via a camera snake after completion and is always backed by a one year warranty for your peace of mind.


Why do dryer ducts need cleaning?

Did you know that dry lint, stuck in dryer ducts, is responsible for scores of destructive fires a year in Canada? Particularly in areas where line drying isn’t an option, dryers come in for heavy use. As the laundry is repeatedly agitated during the drying process, small fragments of material are detached from garments — along with dust, laundry product residue and other particles.

These particles are suspended in the hot dryer air as it leaves the dryer, but are too large to be carried out to the end of the duct. Instead, they are deposited at some point along the duct pipe. Over time these particles build up, forming a thick, inner layer of flammable material that lines the duct pipe.

As the duct pipe becomes more clogged, the lint can begin to settle elsewhere in the machine. Lint can find its way almost anywhere, including those parts of the machine which reach high temperatures when the dryer is in operation. All it takes is a significant amount of heat, or perhaps a small spark when an overheated dryer engine gives way — and the lint and other detritus inside the dryer and duct pipe can be quickly ignited, causing a potentially deadly dryer fire!

Why risk it? DuctDudes offers a fast, highly effective and competitively priced solution to all your duct cleaning needs. No matter what shape, size, or model your dryer might be, we can thoroughly clean the associated ductwork. We offer professional dryer vent cleaning near you, that offers a complete solution to the problems associated with dirty or dusty dryer ducts.

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What are the benefits of dryer vent cleaning?

Scheduled dryer duct or vent cleaning is an important safety measure, as well as one that can slash your energy bills and improve the performance of your dryer. Suitable for both commercial and residential properties, our duct cleaning company gets the job done correctly, first time, every time.

Take a look at the many advantages which dryer vent cleaning can bring to you and your household:

  • Reduced risk of fire. Nobody wants a house fire! Lint-filled dryers are recognized as a cause of house fires that can be easily avoided with regular cleaning. Using us to clean out your ductwork minimizes the risk of lint build-up, in turn minimizing the risk of the conditions for a fire being created.
  • Improved dryer performance. Inevitably, if the out-flow of damp air is compromised, it’s more likely to condense in the duct pipe. This can create a backflow of moisture back into the dryer, re-wetting the clothes! Allowing the damp air to pass freely through the vent, outside, allows the dryer to do its work and get your laundry dry in record time.
  • Reduced strain on the dryer, potentially prolonging its life. To dry laundry when there is insufficient ventilation is a harder job than operating when the pipe is clear. A partially obscured duct puts additional strain on the dryer machinery, increasing the risk of an inconvenient breakdown and potentially resulting in the dryer needing expensive repairs.
  • A reduction in your fuel bills! If the dryer is having to work harder to dry your clothes, it’s going to burn more fuel, which means higher energy bills. Many of our customers are delighted to see a noticeable reduction in their energy bills once they’ve taken advantage of our dryer duct cleaning services.
  • Laundry that dries faster: A duct that’s full of lint and dust is going to impede the drying process. With a clear duct, the dryer can perform optimally, drying your laundry in record time!
  • Less lint on your clothes: Nobody wants to get busy with the lint roller once their laundry has dried. Unfortunately, if lint can’t escape through the duct due to build-up, it’s got to go somewhere. This could mean it ends up on your laundry. We remove all the lint in your duct, allowing the warm, damp, lint-filled air from your dryer to pass directly outside.

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What do you get when you use us for dryer vent cleaning?

DuctDudes is a fully insured and licensed duct and vent cleaning company, providing both residential and commercial vent cleaning and duct cleaning services across the Greater Vancouver Area. With years of experience, high-grade cleaning equipment and an obliging, skilled team of operatives, we offer a prompt, friendly, and effective dryer duct cleaning service. Convenient, reasonably priced and delivering great results, why not take a look at our customer testimonials?

If you live outside of Vancouver, we also serve nearby areas — offering duct cleaning to Burnaby, Squamish and other Greater Vancouver Area residents. DuctDudes offers a straight-forward, economical answer! Ask us about our warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee!

When you use us for your dryer duct cleaning, you will be contracting with an award-winning company with a passion for hard work, great results, and an exceptional level of customer care.

You can expect:

  • The use of premium cleaning equipment that’s been specifically developed for effective duct cleaning.
  • We will show you the difference we’ve made. We don’t expect you to take our word for the work we’ve done – our camera snake provides photographic proof!
  • Transparent, fair costings. We don’t have any hidden charges or additional fees: the price we quote you is the price you’ll pay. We offer customized quotes that are tailored to your dryer cleaning needs. Why not call us for a no-obligation price?
  • A punctual, well-presented workforce that gets on with the job. Our aim is always to minimize disruption, enabling your household to go about their business without being disturbed by our cleaning.
  • Great results! If you’re not satisfied, contact us anytime in the first thirty-days following our work and we will come out and repeat the clean, at no additional charge.

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