Duct Cleaning in the Greater Vancouver Area

There are many companies out there offering unbelievably low prices for their duct cleaning services. However, duct cleaning is a process that requires time, materials, a highly trained technician, and above all the proper equipment. At DuctDudes, we offer top quality duct cleaning in Squamish, Burnaby and the Greater Vancouver Area.

A vacuum hose being shoved down a duct is not duct cleaning! This is a scam and usually is associated with up selling of unnecessary furnace parts and hidden charges.

Please take a few minutes to view this video which is presented by the manufacturer of our equipment. DuctDudes uses the same equipment and processes that you will see in the following video. It is only a few minutes long and will give you great insight into the proper duct cleaning method that should be used in your home.

What to expect when you use us for duct cleaning

We offer a complete duct and vent cleaning service that is suitable for both commercial and domestic properties. Our team provides duct cleaning North Vancouver residents can access, as well as cleaning services right across the Greater Vancouver Area. If you’re not sure if we cover your address, get in touch and we’ll be happy to let you know.

When you use us to service your vents and ducts, you’re using an experienced team that will leave your air transport systems in top condition. We know how important it is to our customers that they benefit from great interior air-quality. Immaculate ducts and vents are one of the ways to ensure you and your family will be breathing fresh air, with a minimum amount of contaminants.

High-grade equipment and a competent team

Even the best equipment in the world isn’t going to be of much use if the operator isn’t competent! Every member of our team is fully trained and experienced in the use of our negative-air equipment. We have invested heavily in high-grade machinery and ensuring our operatives are skilled in its use.

This ensures you receive a high-grade, professional service. Get in touch to find out more.

Competitive pricing and FREE quotes

We charge a fair rate for the job: for smaller properties (less than 4000 sq ft), give us a call at (604) 220-3015 and we’ll quote you a price then and there. For larger properties, we’ll arrange to come out at your convenience and see the scale of the job for ourselves. We’ll then provide a customized, no-obligation quote based on our findings.

Once we’ve quoted, that will be the price you pay. We don’t have any hidden extra fees or charges. We quote fairly, perform the work to the highest possible standard and have a satisfaction guarantee in place for the benefit of our customers.

Remember that when you use us, you’re opting for award-winning duct cleaning in Vancouver, with a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the very best service in the area. Take a look at the testimonials from customers from North to South and East to West Vancouver, using dryer vent cleaning services from our top-notch team.

Punctual, courteous and well-presented team

Every member of our team is committed to putting customers at the heart of what we do. From the minute you pick up the phone to call us, you’ll notice the added value that we bring. For example, we not only confirm your booking over the phone but also email you so that you’re 100% clear on what we’ll offer.

On the day, we always arrive on time to get your work done. We treat your property as we would our own, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at all times and keeping mess to an absolute minimum.

We also respect your customers and other building occupants, working discreetly and respectfully to get the job completed.

Proof that we make a difference!

Our team recognizes that it’s not enough to just tell customers that their ducts are beautifully clean — we need to be able to prove it. When we’ve completed our work, we offer the following evidence of results:

  • We welcome visual inspection of your ducts on a “before” and “after” basis. Many customers are amazed by the build-up of dirt and grime that’s managed to collect in the ducting. They are equally amazed (and relieved) by the difference we make, removing detritus and dust to leave your air system in top condition.
  • If you’re unable to inspect our work visually, for whatever reason, we use a camera-scope to film the difference we’ve made.
  • Refer to the video to see how our equipment works. By investing in high-grade, negative-air machinery, we can guarantee you’ll end up with spotless ducts!

Your property will often smell noticeably cleaner! If it’s been a while since your ducts and vents were cleaned, the reduction in air-quality will have occurred gradually. Our customers can’t believe how much better their home, office or retail facility smells after we’ve gotten to work and cleaned their air system thoroughly!

Our guarantee of satisfaction

We want you to be 100% satisfied with what we provide. If, after we’ve completed your duct cleaning or vent cleaning job, you’re not satisfied for any reason, get in touch within 30 days and we’ll come out and do the job again — for no additional cost.

DuctDudes values our customers! We want you to love what we do and use us as your go-to team for residential or commercial duct cleaning near you. We are always striving to be better, offering our customers more for their money. Take a look at our testimonials to see what previous clients have been saying about the work we do.

Feel free to call us anytime with any questions you may have about dryer duct or furnace duct cleaning near you. We can be reached anytime at (604) 220-3015 or by email at admin@ductdudes.ca.

Award-winning duct cleaning

Our team is proud of our status as award winners! HomeStars awarded us as “Best Duct Cleaning Company” for several consecutive years. Also, over the years, we have acquired a wealth of testimonials from delighted customers. We provide the duct cleaning Burnaby, Squamish and Greater Vancouver Area residents rave about!

Why not take a look and see what our previous customers have said about us?