Air Duct Cleaning

Looking to improve your indoor air quality? Look no further than our professional duct cleaning services! Our team of experienced technicians will clean your ducts thoroughly, removing all the dust, dirt, and debris that can build up over time and cause higher dust levels in your home that may affect seasonal allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Air Duct Cleaning Service Area

We offer a complete duct and vent cleaning service that is suitable for both residential homes and commercial businesses. Our team provides duct cleaning throughout the Lower Mainland, North Shore, and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

Advanced Technology Powered by the Best Dudes

Our duct cleaning equipment is the most powerful and up-to-date in our industry leaving your furnace and air ducts free of dust and allergens. As an owner operated business you are hiring the main dude who has a passion and vested interest in the services we provide. Having been in business for over a decade, we’ve tried and tested a lot of equipment and processes to deliver the best end result to our customers. For your peace of mind, before and after pictures are provided to showcase duct cleaning end results.

Breathe the Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Do you find dust building up around your home or business? Maybe you’re cleaning and dusting regularly yet it still builds up. Chances are your air ducts need to be cleaned. Polluted air can cause all sorts of health problems, from asthma and allergies to respiratory infections and heart disease. Dust affects people in different ways, and many of our customers rest easier knowing their space has the least amount of dust and debris circulating the air. Our duct cleaning services remove as much dust from your home or business as possible, to foster a healthier and cleaner environment.

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your air ducts until there’s a problem. And even then, it’s not something you want to deal with yourself. Homeowners and businesses alike should have their air ducts cleaned every two years to manage dust levels. Depending on how much dust you’re comfortable with in your space, or how quickly your home or business accumulates dust, you may wish to have your ducts cleaned more or less frequently.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

There are two main benefits to managing the dust levels in your home. When dust levels are managed, you’ll have a cleaner home (less dust on your counters), and cleaner air to breathe in. For people who are sensitive to dust, they may find relief from having their air ducts cleaned.

3 Common Times People Hire Air Duct Cleaning Professionals


  1. You’ve had a recent renovation – or your air ducts haven’t been cleaned since you took possession of your home or business space. You may be surprised by the level of dust hidden in your ducts after a renovation or when taking possession of your new home. If this is you, congratulations on your new home!


  2. You’re sensitive to your fur baby. You can usually make a copy of your pet with the amount of dust and hair DuctDudes will extract from your duct system!


  3. If you recently started sneezing and experiencing allergies. Managing dust levels may help with your allergies. Filters only do so much, and you should have your air ducts cleaned every two years.

Are You Looking For a Cleaner, Healthier Home?

Dust and debris build up over time, and we recommend having them cleaned every two years. DuctDudes is the #1 choice of homeowners across the Lower Mainland to clean their air ducts and vents. We use the most advanced equipment in the industry to get rid of all that nasty stuff so you can breathe easy again. Our technicians are trained professionals who will leave your air ducts clean when they’re done!


Your family deserves a clean and healthy home that duct cleaning may provide, so request a quote today. We offer free quotes on our services and we never charge extra fees for weekends or holidays. DuctDudes includes all vents in our duct cleaning service, there’s no extra charge for ducts in the duct cleaning process. Our pricing is based on the square footage of the home and the entire system is cleaned.

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Residential Duct Cleaning

DuctDudes specializes in dryer vent and duct cleaning for your residential home. Whether it’s a newer home, older house, or recently renovated home, DuctDudes has the best tools and equipment to provide the best result. Click here to request a quote for residential services.

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Strata Dryer Vent Cleaning

DuctDudes specializes in working with stratas to provide dryer vent cleaning. Our dryer vent cleaning is warranted for one year from the time of cleaning, giving strata managers and property managers peace of mind. Learn more about our discount pricing for stratas.

Click Here to request a quote for Strata Dryer Vent Cleaning.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

DuctDudes specializes in heavy duty commercial cleaning, including the use of mechanical brushes, for air ducts and dryer vents. We frequently work with hair salons, yoga studios, veterinary clinics, physiotherapists, and more!

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