Dryer Vent Cleaning Season

This time of the year is when most of our customers turn their attention from their furnace air ducts to their dryer ducts.

It’s very important to have a preventative maintenance cleaning of your dryer venting semi annually. This maintenance will prevent a potential fire or damage of the dryer itself. There are a few different methods to properly cleaning your venting and the chosen method is greatly dictated by the particular setup of the venting of your dryer.

The push and push method (Correct Method)

The Technician is outside at the exit point of the dry vent.
The dryer is turned on to provide the push while technician feeds the device towards the dryer on the inside of the vent all to the back of the dryer.
This device blasts compressed air in a circular reverse motion which draws all the lint back outside towards the technician.

Most of the lint evaporates when exiting the vent on the outside. whatever is left over is then cleaned up by the technician.

The push and pull method (Correct Method)

This method is greatly dependant on the accessibility and setup of your venting.
A Vacuum is attached to one end of the vent run either the inside or outside.
The technician then pushes a device from the other end towards the vacuum source.

This device can either be an electrical brush or a device the blasts compressed air in a circular motion blasting or brushing all the lint in the direction of the vacuum source. (The vacuum is the pull while the device used is the push)

There are unfortunately some improper methods being employed around the Vancouver as well

The Vacuum hoes down the duct (Incorrect Method)

This method does not remove the majority of the lint in vent.
Since the end of the hoes is only able to suck what is in front of it the lint remains stuck to the inside walls of the vent.
After a fews months your vent will be clogged again due to the lint that was not removed from the inside walls of the vent.
Agitation by brushing or high pressor air is the only way to properly remove the lint in your vent aside from manually cleaning it out which require the venting to be taken apart.





I hope this article was helpful in you understanding how proper dryer vent cleaning is done on your residential home.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any additional questions or would like to book an appointment.

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