What My Dog and Duct Cleaning Have in Common the Most

Air duct cleaning technician and his dog posing for a selfie in a sunny park after playing ball together

Hi, I’m Jason, the Boss Dude at DuctDudes.

Let me start by saying having my dog Cali, or as she’s nicknamed, “The Fur,” has been one of the most rewarding experiences in this Dude’s life.

She is the best trail running partner; she always welcomes my partner and me home with the biggest smile and tail, just a-wagging, always showing us loyalty, love, and affection. However, this pup doesn’t come without the challenges of being a furry pet.

Cali is an Australian blue heeler with two coats, one that she wears and the other that she leaves around the floors of our home 12 months of the year—her shedding fur and triggering my allergies has me struggling for air sometimes! Her hair is always everywhere, and no matter how much we have our robot vacuum running to clean the floors and my partner and I wiping surfaces, that fur is all over the place.

“The Fur” negatively impacts my health due to her hair & dander. So why did I tell you all about it? Because this kind of thing can also impact your home’s ducts too.

Here are some dog and air duct cleaning related tips I would like to share that have helped and may help you manage your furry friend’s contribution to your home, namely their fur.

Tip 1: My Brushing and Washing Suggestions

I bring a brush and a treat while Cali and I are on our morning walks to the park to do some ball through. She gets a 2-min brush, which reduces the amount of hair she sheds indoors.

My partner is a cleaning machine & when she came into my life, I felt so bad to see her constantly cleaning up my hair all the time. We purchased a robot vacuum, which we found very helpful in managing the hair without us consistently working around our home with Broome cleaning up after Cali.

It’s not good for Cali for us to wash her all-time. However, we try to keep a schedule of getting her to a dog wash bay once a month for a good Ol scrubbing; with a health fur friendly soap, we wash that excuse hair and dandruff off her.

Tip 2: Care for Your Ducts

If you have a furnace or AC air duct system in your home as well as a pet dog or cat, you will find a build-up of hair on the return grills in your home, and when you go to change your furnace filter, you will see a build-up of hair and dandruff on your filter.

First, ensure you have the correct filter rating to help prevent that dandruff and hair from getting past that filter into a fan in your furnace or AC, which then blows it back into your home.

Secondly, regardless of your filter system, getting a regular biannual duct cleaning to remove the build-up of dust, debris, pet hair & dandruff will aid in helping you manage your sneezing and coughing and lower the dust levels in your home, creating a clean and healthy living environment.

Dryer vent cleaning is also essential if you have a pet that sheds like Cali. Your pet shares their love and warmth by leaving your clothes covered in hair, which, when you go to wash and then dry, transfers to the dryer itself and the venting to the outside of your home. This hair builds up in the venting, which lowers the effectless of your machine and creates a possible fire hazard if the venting needs to be cleaned regularly annually.

We love our animals; they are our best friends and a part of our family; with the proper maintenance routine in place, we can reduce the discomfort of their hair and dandruff in the comfort of our homes and the strain on our health.

You can contact DuctDudes for a no-cost estimate on your air duct and dryer vent cleaning needs.

We can be reached at 604-220-3015.

We wish you and your furry friend good health and a great day!



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