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Our Services

For over a decade, DuctDudes has been providing transparent and trustworthy furnace and duct cleaning services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Lower Mainland, North Shore, and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

As an owner-operated company, you’re working directly with the main Dude alongside a team of highly skilled technicians. Learn more about our services, satisfaction guarantee, and book a service today.

DuctDudes specializes in dryer vent cleaning utilizing high-pressure air. Our agitation devices loosen and blast out all debris, lint, and hair that builds up in your dryer’s vent, damaging it or, even worse, causing a fire. We guarantee our dryer vent cleaning for 1 year for residential homes with properly installed venting. 

DuctDudes specializes in duct cleaning. Our equipment used and methods employed are designed specifically for duct cleaning and offer the best end results. DuctDudes takes before and after pictures of our duct cleaning work to give visual confirmation of cleaning to the customer.

-Safety service inspections for furnaces

-Complete cleaning of furnaces alongside our duct cleaning (included)

-We treat furnace and ducts as a complete system – done in conjunction with the duct cleaning