As transparent as it gets

DuctDudes will be receiving our camera system by the end of this week here. In accordance with our mission statement we will continue to keep up to date with our equipment in order to offer our customers the best possible cleaning of there ducts that’s available. The Cobra view camera system will allow the technician […]

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white ceiling fan turned on in room

Keeping things interesting

Purchasing new equipment for our business never fails to refill the passion for getting your ducts as clean as possible. So DuctDudes has added a brand new brush system to our arsenal of duct cleaning equipment. The cobra 5’s brushes spins up to 1750 rpm this translates into some very clean ducts! Looking forward to […]

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brown and gray metal part close-up photography

New Champion Air Compress Is Coming Soon

DuctDudes has just order it’s new Champion air compressor. Champion is considered the best compressor in the Duct Cleaning industry. The right air pressure is vital when having your ducts cleaned, the pressure that the compressor can produce will determine how throughly cleaned your ducts will be after the cleaning. Remember the two main questions […]

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How is Duct Cleaning done?

There are many companies out there offering unbelievably low prices for there duct cleaning services. Duct cleaning is a process which requires time, Materials, A highly trained technician, and above all the proper equipment. A vacuum hoes being shoved down a duct is not duct cleaning! This is a scam and usually is associated with […]

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Something important to know

It’s very important to change your filter on a regular basis. A overly clogged dirty filter will choke your furnace of air which will cause you to lose efficiency among other issues. To avoid unnecessary service calls and to save some money on your monthly gas bill please check your filter every 2 months during […]

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