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Ductdudes is among the best air duct cleaning company in Vancouver with certified technician, years of experience and specific knowledge to ensure your home is adequately clean and free from dust. In the course of service delivery, we make use of the best and top quality equipment when cleaning your air duct. We are proud to be the most reliable and trusted company in the great Vancouver area for air duct cleaning among other services. After 4 years of rendering superb and wonderful services to our customers, we are so happy to announce that we are now serving in the North Vancouver area. Our aim of expanding our duct cleaning services to North Van is to help remove the increasing dirt and other harmful elements that amass inside the air ducts of your home’s cooling or heating system.

And just as always, we bring our 3 top qualities with us.

Certified and Licensed 

We are certified by BCIT and licensed through the BC Gas Safety Branch to carry out cleaning and maintenance works on various home heating equipment in Vancouver. When there is a buildup of dust and debris in your air ducts, it obstructs air flowing through the ventilation system. This implies your air duct tries harder and over time it begins to develop fault which leads to an increase in the cost of maintenance. With our services being expanded to North Vancouver, we bring lasting solutions to your problems with a quality cleaning from the BCIT certified professionals at Ductdudes.

Top Quality Equipment

In order to insure the best indoor air quality, the air ducts, like other home appliances need to be cleaned on a regular basis. When having your ducts cleaned, it is important to ensure the pressure produced by the compressor will thoroughly clean and remove the dirt from it. We therefore bring Champion, the top quality and finest of air compressor equipment in the Duct Cleaning industry to our customers in North Vancouver. Our high powered air compressor can clean and remove dirt within the air duct efficiently and also leave it uncontaminated.  We are certain of providing the best of services using Champion compressor.

Raving reviews

We offer the best of Duct Cleaning services and every customer we serve do attest to the brilliant job carried out. We don’t just consider ourselves as the best and most efficient cleaning company, our raving reviews on HomeStars says it all. For this reason, we were nominated as the 2012 HomeStars best of winners. Over 100 satisfied customers with 10 out of 10 raving reviews on Home Stars, you know we do take good care of our customers.  At Ductdudes, we offer honest and quality service that is definitely hard to come by anywhere in the world.

With Ductdudes, your air duct will be clean and there will be healthier breathing air circulating around your home. We are the best and most reliable cleaning company you can find in North Vancouver. We aim to offer the best service, work with the best equipment and make use of the best technique in service delivery. We look forward to serving you.

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