Strata dryer vent cleaning

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I am finding with more and more of my strata jobs that the dryer vents that were supposed to have been done the year before or two years before have not been done. Many times the actual dryer vents are not even the vents the last dryer vent cleaning company performed there services on. This […]

Part of being the best is owning the best

DuctDudes has recently upgraded its equipment.   After looking long and hard to find the best, most powerful portable vac out there we decided on the HyperVac Hybrid 220.   This Vacuum is really something, pulling an astonishing 5000 cfm directly from the source.   This means that you can be sure you have chosen […]

How is Duct Cleaning done?


There are many companies out there offering unbelievably low prices for there duct cleaning services. Duct cleaning is a process which requires time, Materials, A highly trained technician, and above all the proper equipment. A vacuum hoes being shoved down a duct is not duct cleaning! This is a scam and usually is associated with […]

Need a new furnace? Get up to $1,400 off your new high efficent furnace

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Take advantage of combined LiveSmart BC rebates and the Government of Canada grants for new high-efficiency furnaces. With these grants save up to $1400.00 on your new high efficient furnace installation with DuctDudes. Aside from our competitive pricing, our work is second to none. When you have your furnace installed by DuctDudes you can feel […]

Something important to know

It’s very important to change your filter on a regular basis. A overly clogged dirty filter will choke your furnace of air which will cause you to lose efficiency among other issues. To avoid unnecessary service calls and to save some money on your monthly gas bill please check your filter every 2 months during […]

Check out the reviews on DuctDudes at

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Do you want to know if you are choosing the right company for your home projects? Whether it is duct cleaning or the replacement of your furnace, is the site you should take a look at. offers detailed customer reviews. Take a look at what my customers are saying about their experiences with […]

Reduce the dust circulating in your home

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Placing thin filters in your vent covers will reduce the the amount of dust being recycled in your home. When doing this it is important to also use a thin filter in your furnace as well. Using a thick filter in the furnace in conjunction with thin filters in the vent covers could create to […]