If you have never had your duct vents cleaned or furnace/gas checked this gentlemen Jason does a great job! He also checks for gas leaks, carbon monoxide and gives you an overall update on how to keep everything operating optimally. It isn’t everyday that you come across a person in business who operates with such integrity and good workmanship. If you have thought about having this done in your home, give him a call – he is based in Vancouver but travels.

Amelia Vine BC Chamber of Commerce

10 stars isn't enough! My experience echoes the other reviews. We have a 1912 house, with awkward-to-clean ducts, and a furnace that proved to have several challenging issues. Jason stuck with it until all the problems were solved, then phoned the next day to make sure things were fine. He was totally professional, helpful, and cheerful, even though fixing our problems interfered with his personal schedule. Jason takes great pride in his work, provides an extraordinary level of customer service, and his prices are very reasonable. I'll definitely call him for future duct cleaning, and also when we decide to replace our furnace.

J in Vancouver

As a single mom of a large heritage home in New West, I am fairly knowledgeable of renovations, but need trust-worthy help that isn't going to overwhelm my budget or my time. Over the years I have had many service people to my house and NEVER received the service that I did from Jason & Duct Dudes. With some other service men I have felt I got what I paid for - or even felt slightly ripped-off or talked down to. The first appt you have with Jason you will see the sincerity and integrity. The other reviews are true, he is extremely knowledgeable, takes the time to show you what he is doing and why, and when he leaves you are so much more knowledable about your home and even surprised that you are not paying more! Initially I had Jason clean my furnance ducts - having done this many times before, I was not prepared for the time it takes to do this properly (and it ended up costing me less than it had in the past). He also cleaned my dryer ducts and showed me how to empty the water out of my hot water tank annually (none of which had been offered before). Every other furnace service repair person had told me I need a new furnace - even though it is only 14 yrs. old - Jason assured me that my furnace was fine and didn't need replacing - what a relief! He has also come-out very quickly on two emergency calls, once to fix a leak on my natural gas BBQ and immediately on a very cold day when he heard the temperature in my house went to 48 degrees (the problem could have become serious, but Jason dealt with quickly and even showed my sixteen yr. old how to fix it if it happened again.) Give him a call - you and your house will have no regrets!

Mari-Lou New Westminster

After reading the previous reviews for Duct Dudes I thought I'd give "Jason" a try instead of going with one of the bigger companies with more reviews. The other reviews indicated his prices were good and he took the time to discuss your HVAC system with you. As a new owner of a 1912 home, there are a lot of weird duct work I wanted looked at, so I called Jason. I am very glad I did. Jason was very easy to talk with on the phone and worked around my schedule to come by on a weekend. When he arrived (early) he went to work assessing the system and educating me on what was working and what could be improved. He told me how to do the work to improve the system, instead of trying to make list of other work he could do for me (like some other people who have come to work on the house). When he informed me of other services he could do at a later date he was never pushy, just informative. The cost of the services was very competitive and Jason took the time to educate me and do the job right. In an old home you need tradespeople who care about their work and are able to improvise solutions to tricky problem. Jason is one of those people. I cannot recommend his services more highly.

Matt H-D New Westminster