Questions About Our Air Duct Cleaning Services.


Questions about our duct cleaning process

What should I do to prepare before duct cleaning?

Please remove all personal belongings and breakables away from the vents and the furnace where the technician will need to set up the equipment.

Ensure all in-door pets are secure before the technician arrives.

Re serve parking directly in front of the entrance door to the furnace

Is there more than one way to do air duct cleaning?

Like all things are levels to the quality of work that duct cleaning can provide depending on the methods used to clean your HVAC system.

Is it ok if we are home during the duct cleaning process?

Yes, in most of our homes, the customers are home doing work or just going about their day. We enjoy interacting with our customers and explaining the process before the technician gets started with the process. We also always do a walk-through with our customers to count all the vents amongst other important tasks during the arrival and walkthrough.

How long does the duct cleaning process take?

The duct cleaning depends on the square footage, design and accessibility of the ductwork, and the condition of the duct system, i.e. amount of dust and debris that we will be removing. An average-size home of 2500 sqft typically takes between 2-1/2 hours.

How does Air duct cleaning work?

Duct Cleaning works by removing dirt, dust and other debris from the ductwork. To do this, DuctDudes uses the most powerful and up-to-date equipment and the most effective detail-oriented methods that have been tested and refined for over 13 years.

Is the furnace cleaning included in the duct cleaning process?

Yes, DuctDudes treats the duct system, and the furnace/HRV/AC Connected to it as a complete system and as such, we include both together at every home.

What does DuctDudes use for a vacuum system to remove the dust and debris from our ducts?

DuctDudes uses portable machines as they are more versatile and environmentally friendly than the old truck mount units. DuctDudes in the past had purchased and used a Truck mount Vacuum system.

After a year of experience with these vacuums, we switched back to our tried, tested, true portables for so many advantages reasons. Both come to the same result, ones just better from our perspective.

Why doesn’t ductdudes charge by vent?

Our furnace duct cleaning service always includes all associated vents with your duct system. We don’t charge by vent because most dust and debris residing in the duct system’s largest surface area, the main trunk line.

The ducts throughout your home are 4-inch diameter branches that connect into the larger 18″-25″. Plenums are connected directly to your furnace. DuctDudes takes before and after pictures of the central plenum so our customers can see the results of our work.

How often should I have my ducts cleaned?

DuctDudes recommends having your ducts cleaned every two years for residential homes.

What should I expect after the duct cleaning has been done in my home?

This helps improve airflow, reduce the risk of allergies or other respiratory problems, and manage the dust levels in your home, keeping the surfaces in your homes clean and dust-free for more extended periods. The filter in your furnace will also stay free of dust and debris longer with a regular duct cleaning.

Is there a situation where my ducts can’t be cleaned, or DuctDudes will not accept the work?

Is our residential duct cleaning guaranteed?

DuctDudes guarantees its work by taking before and after pictures of the main trunk lines of the HVAC system cleaning. Duct cleaning is never 100%; our detailed cleaning processes, Our power and up-to-date equipment, and our technicians’ training and continued coaching allow us to offer our customers the best possible results.

Questions about our dryer vent cleaning process

How is the dryer vent cleaning process done?

Using high-pressure air source removals, the dryer vent is from the connection to the back of the dryer to the exit point where it is venting outside.

Does DuctDudes clean the inside of the dryer when doing dryer vent cleaning?

Dryer vent cleaning is exactly that, cleaning the venting from the exit point to the connection to the back of the dryer. Dryers are designed to remove the lint and debris from the vent when maintained and operating correctly. Our process used and results rendered are specific to the venting portion of the dryer vent system.

A certified appliance technician should be the only one opening up the dryer itself and working directly on the dryer.

Is there more than one way to do dryer vent cleaning?

Yes, DuctDudes offers two methods, Standard and advanced; the latter is used only when we don’t have access to the exit point of the vent our the condition of the flue is so bad that a standard dryer vent cleaning procedure won’t work.

How long does the dryer vent cleaning process take?

A standard dryer vent cleaning process can take between 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the venting’s design, accessibility, and condition.

How much does the dryer vent cleaning cost?

A standard dryer vent cleaning costs $165.00

How do we charge for dryer vent cleaning?

Our pricing includes the call-out fee and the work to clean the dryer vent

What results can I expect from your dryer vent cleaning services?

You should find an improvement in the drying time of each load

Is the cleaning service warranted?

Yes, DuctDudes warranties our dryer vent cleaning service up to a year for a single-family Newlin.

How often do I need to get my dryer vent cleaning done?

We recommend dryer vent cleaning every year or two depending on the length and design of the venting and how often the dryer is used.

Why should I get my dryer vent cleaned?

Dryer vent cleaning to prevent buildup of lint in the venting, causing the dryer to be inefficient and possibly causing damage to the dryer or a fire in the worst-case scenario