Commercial Vent Cleaning Vancouver



Commercial Vent Cleaning Vancouver

Commercial duct cleaning requires planning, time and the proper methods to have the highest level of cleaning done.

Your commercial building’s duct system is constantly exposed to pollutants from the outdoors, as well as the dust and pollutants found throughout your offices. As such, duct cleaning should be done on a semi-regular basis to ensure the highest possible indoor air quality.

We provide premium commercial dryer vent cleaning Vancouver businesses can rely on to leave their dryers safe and working well. In addition, we also offer vent and duct cleaning for HVAC systems and furnaces, helping to improve air quality and create a better internal environment for your staff, customers and partners.

Why it’s important to get your vents cleaned regularly

Over time, it’s almost inevitable that dust, detritus, dirt and allergen particles are going to settle in your ducts. This is particularly common if your business premises are in an urban area with heavy traffic. If you also have a high volume of footfall, pollution landing into your ducts is unavoidable.

Unfortunately, without regular removal, the particles don’t just stay in the duct — they can be recycled into the air, which then causes them to circulate throughout your building.

Regular cleaning helps to:

  • Reduce the volume of allergens and hazardous particles circulating in the office air.
  • Potentially reduce the risk of respiratory disease in your staff and customers. This is particularly the case if you deal with vulnerable occupants (eg. the elderly, or those with a pre-existing respiratory condition such as asthma).
  • Improve energy efficiency: build-up in ducts may make it harder for your pump to push air through the system. This results in increased energy usage, as the pump struggles to keep up against the increased resistance.
  • Create a fresher smelling workspace! Customers are often astonished at how fresh the air smells after we’ve cleaned.
  • You may also notice less dust, as particles from the ducts are no longer settling on floors or furniture.

Is there a difference between ducts and vents?

We carry out both commercial vent cleaning and commercial duct cleaning in Squamish, Burnaby and the Greater Vancouver Area. Although both are essential parts of your air transport system, there is a difference between them.


  • Air ducts are the pipework which connects the source of fresh air with the area where it’s needed. Ducts are pipes or tunnels, often concealed above a suspended ceiling in commercial premises.
  • Air vents are the entry and exit points for ducts. Air vents are often covered by grilles or similar.

Our method

As mentioned above ensuring the best possible air quality requires planning time and the proper methods and equipment.

DuctDudes proudly services the Greater Vancouver Area with the highest quality commercial duct cleaning.

When we complete commercial duct cleaning, we are typically dealing with larger systems.
A commercial system can often be divided and cleaned section by section. We isolate each section of the system by using zone bags. These are inflated to a size that can block off the sections of your commercial ducting system.

After the sections have been blocked off, we then proceed to hook our commercial duct cleaning negative-air vacuum up to the section of the system that we are working on. During a duct cleaning, brushes and or air-powered agitation devices are used to agitate the dust back to the vacuum source that is created by a powerful negative air vacuum.

The duct system is cleaned section by section. The first thing that we do is to brush the inside walls. The brush that we use makes contact with the entire inside walling of the ducting. After the entire section has been contact-cleaned by the brush we then use a “nomatic” device.

A “nomatic” piece of machinery uses compressed air power and agitation to capture all the debris and dusted that was loosened by the contact brushing. Cameras are used during the cleaning process to ensure all the contaminants are removed from the commercial system. The above gives you just a general understanding of how commercial duct cleaning is done by DuctDudes.

The air handling unit itself must be cleaned thoroughly using compressed air and negative-air suction. At DuctDudes, we consider the heating/air handling unit and the air ductwork as a complete system. As such, the cleaning of the air handler/heating/cooling unit and a safety service inspection of that unit are always included as part of the duct cleaning service which we provide.

Why use us for your commercial duct cleaning?

For commercial duct cleaning near you, look no further than our team at DuctDudes! With years of experience, a spectacular number of satisfied customers and highly competitive pricing, we’re your go-to company for duct cleaning and furnace cleaning across Vancouver.

When you choose us for your duct and/or vent cleaning, you can expect to receive:

  • an exceptional level of expertise: we use cutting-edge equipment and highly skilled operatives to ensure high-grade, noticeable results. Our system has been repeatedly tested and improved, resulting in a thorough, meticulous clean of your ducts, pipework, and vents.
  • the services of an award-winning company that is used to working with commercial enterprises. We keep disruption to a minimum and operate in a discreet manner, recognizing that when we work on your premises, we are also contributing to the impression your audience has of your business. We keep mess, noise, and disturbance to an absolute minimum, allowing you to continue business uninterrupted in most cases.
  • competitive pricing, as well as a FREE, no-obligation customized quoting service – call us to find out more. There are no additional fees or add-ons when you use us: the price that we quote you is the price that you pay on the day!
  • the benefit of our satisfaction guarantee: if you’re not happy in the first thirty-days following our cleaning, we’ll repeat the work at no additional cost.

Looking for commercial duct or dryer vent cleaning near you? At DuctDudes, we are committed to providing the very best service and work that we can. Our aim is to be the company local businesses turn to when they want great results for a reasonable price.

Proudly serving you, we look forward to hearing your inquiries. Contact us today to learn more!