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AIR DUCT CLEANING COMPANY Ductdudes is among the best air duct cleaning company in Vancouver with certified technician, years of experience and specific knowledge to ensure your home is adequately clean and free from dust. In the course of service delivery, we make use of the best and top quality equipment when cleaning your air…



I get asked the question often as to weather brushes or agitation devices are more effective for cleaning of the main trunk line of the ducting system in there homes. Brushing has its place when the ducting contains cantaminance that stick to the inside walls of the main trunk line. What points am I trying…



It is easy to forget about importance of the maintenance of your furnace. In most homes the furnace is usually tuck away in a closet crawspace or mechanical room. Many home owners don’t notice the furnace until it stops working in the dead of winter. Your furnace is like any other mechanical device such as…



Commercial duct cleaning requires planning, time and the proper methods to have the highest level of cleaning done. Your commercial building’s duct system is constantly exposed to pollutants from the outdoors, as well as the dust and pollutants found throughout your offices. As such, duct cleaning should be done on a semi-regular basis to ensure…



There are some great duct cleaning and furnace servicing companies out there in the greater Vancouver areas.These companies are run with integrity,transparentcy and are motivated to help people by offering the best customer experience ,products and services possible.Unfortunately the duct cleaning side of our HVAC industry is unregulated and as a result there are many…



This time of the year is where most of our customers turn there attention from there furnace air ducts to there dryer ducts. It’s very important to have a preventative maintenance cleaning of your dryer venting semi annually. This maintenance will prevent a potential fire or damage of the dryer itself. There are a few…



Today was a blast, I always enjoy seeing the end results of my work. I took some before and after pics. These ducts were really dirty! Before After



DuctDudes will be receiving our camera system by the end of this week here. In accordance with our mission statement we will continue to keep up to date with our equipment in order to offer our customers the best possible cleaning of there ducts thats available. The Cobra view camera system will allow the technician…