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Brushes and agitation devices, When should they be used and how effective are they?

I get asked the question often as to weather brushes or agitation devices are more effective for cleaning of the main trunk line of the ducting system in there homes.


Brushing has its place when the ducting contains cantaminance that stick to the inside walls of the main trunk line.


What points am I trying to make?

  • That brushes are used for contaminantes that stick to the inside of the duct cleaning
  • Agitiation devices are used for contaminants that can be lifted easily from the inside walls of the duct cleaning.
  • Brushes have there limitation as in the brushes need a certaint clearance in the work area to use in an effective way.

Choosing the correct tools based on the size and designed layout of your duct work will make all the difference in the end result.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our duct cleaning tools and the process we us to get your duct work cleaned.


Duct Cleaning Brushes
Duct Cleaning Brushes



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