Need a new furnace? Get up to $1,400 off your new high efficent furnace

furnace rebates

Take advantage of combined LiveSmart BC rebates and the Government of Canada grants for new high-efficiency furnaces. With these grants save up to $1400.00 on your new high efficient furnace installation with DuctDudes. Aside from our competitive pricing, our work is second to none. When you have your furnace installed by DuctDudes you can feel […]

Something important to know

It’s very important to change your filter on a regular basis. A overly clogged dirty filter will choke your furnace of air which will cause you to lose efficiency among other issues. To avoid unnecessary service calls and to save some money on your monthly gas bill please check your filter every 2 months during […]

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Duct Dudes Reviews

Do you want to know if you are choosing the right company for your home projects? Whether it is duct cleaning or the replacement of your furnace, is the site you should take a look at. offers detailed customer reviews. Take a look at what my customers are saying about their experiences with […]

Enjoy the scent

Using a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil in the small filters you have placed in your duct covers will add a nice scent to the air in your home.